Buying Wood for the Coffee Shop, plus more Boat pix

Not a very good picture (I think wes was shooting into the sun with my phone camera), but just taking a break after unloading the first 13 of our 75 pound boxes of white oak. The next 39 got heavier and heavier (gatorade breaks were necessitated). We were beat. Then we got to unload the 3/4 truckload of heavy furniture. We finished by 8pm. It was probably still around 90 degrees, and thick humidity. A long day.
Wes and the back of the coffee shop. We still had about three hours of unloading to go (had to carry a long way, and some of it up stairs).
Leone looks happy about his latest tower. I think this was a fire station.
Us on the boat last weekend, on the Ohio River.
Leone using a telescope, and with Craig and Peggy Sue. The Louisville skyline is behind them.
I think he was looking at some big cranes near the dockyards. Very exciting.

Down below...lotsa fun...
Look, driving the boat with no hands!!!
Leone taking his captain's job seriously...
Gotta use the telescope to see what is up ahead.
A solo mission....