FINALLY Open....WhooHooo!!

Hey ya'll...

We finally opened our doors on October 15th. Yay. Sorry for the slow post here, but way way too busy. Everything has gone pretty well so far. Lots of people have come by, enjoyed coffee and baked goods (and tea), and a lot of kids have played with the toys we have here (and spinny chairs). Overall, quite a smooth first week.

We had a fairly steady trickle of people throughout the week, and finally got busy on Saturday and Sunday. Jacob and Andrew had the pleasure of the first big rush of people and handled it well. In fact all of our Baristas have been doing a great job. Thanks everyone.

Benjamin and I have kept on roasting, barely keeping up with the coffee drinkers. But at least we're staying one or two steps ahead. My favorite coffees thus far have been the heavy chocolatey and fruity (blueberry, apricot??) Ethiopian Likempte (Fair Trade Organic and we have two big bags!) and the Brazilian Poco Fundo (also FTO), which has a lot of body and fruit as well, almost reminicent of an Ethiopian. Our Mexican "elephant bean" was great roasted dark also.

Up next is our Yemen Mokha Matari....should be ready in a day or two! Pix coming soon...but still running around....