Live music and upcoming events

Stuff coming right up...

Sunday Aug 24th 8pm: Crittenden Free plays "Songs of Protest" Free! Acoustic, with a folkish sound but definite Punk influences....should be a lot of fun!

Monday, Aug 25th: Movie night continues with "The 11th Hour" ....Leonardo DiCaprio's magnficent movie about the environment....7:30 showtime.... FREE!

Tuesday, Aug 26th: Bluegrass Jam/Open mic...bring an instrument or your voice, or just show up to watch. We start at 8pm...This will be a weekly event! Julia hosts this evening, and she'll be performing as well...YAY...

Thurs, Aug 28th: OBAMA acceptance speech party! Watch on a big screen with a bunch of us! We'll start gathering around 7pm...


-Nimbus Couzin

Beer and Wine now at Ray's Monkey House!`

Well, I applied in late April, and it took until Mid august to get the licenses, but we finally are selling beer and wine at Ray's.

Expect to see at least three local beers on tap. Currently we have two from Browning's and one from BBC. Cumberland is supposed to do an espresso stout for us soon. And New Albanian Brewing will be making us one of their first accounts in Louisville (they're waiting for their Kentucky license to come through - any day now).

Here's a preliminary beer/wine list...expect additions soon!

Oh! Happy hour 3-7 weekdays, and all day Sunday. During Happy Hour we sell draft beer for only $2.75 (cheap!), and all bottled beers are $1.00 off. Wine is $1.00 off also. PBR longnecks are always a happy hour price of two bucks.

On Draft
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale (Kalamazoo, MI) $4.00
BBC Amber Ale (Louisville) $4.00
Browning’s Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout (Louisville) $4.25
Browning’s She-Devil (Imperial Pale Ale) $4.25
Stone Arrogant Bastard (San Diego, CA) $4.25
Anderson Valley Hop Ottin (CA) $3.50
Avery Karma (Boulder, CO) $3.50
Avery Old Jubilation $3.50
Bell’s Amber Ale (Kalamazoo, MI) $3.50
Bell’s Pale Ale $3.50
Bell’s Porter $3.50
Bell’s Oberon $3.50
Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout $3.50 Boon Frambois ‘95 Marriage Parfait (750ml) (Belgium) $14.00
Dogfish 60 Min. IPA (Delaware) $3.50
Franziskaner Heffe Weiss (Germany) $3.25
Franziskaner Hefe Dark (16.9oz) $4.25
Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale (Cleveland, OH) $3.25
Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold $3.25
Great Lakes Edmund Fitz. Porter $3.25
Great Lakes Holy Moses White Ale $3.25
Guinness Draft Bottle (Ireland) $3.50
Mackeson XXX Stout (England) $3.25
Newcastle Brown Ale (England) $3.50

North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Stout (Ft. Bragg, CA) $4.25
North Coast Red Seal (Ft. Bragg, CA) $3.50
Pabst Blue Ribbon (Wisconsin) $2.00
Pyramid Apricot (Seattle, WA) $3.25
Pyramid Hefe (Seattle, WA) $3.25
Rogue Dead Guy (Newport, OR) $3.50
Rogue Mocha Porter $3.50
Samual Smith’s Organic $4.25
Samual Smith’s Taddy Porter $4.25
Sheaf Stout (Australia) (25 oz) $5.25
Spaten Optimator (Germany) $3.25
Woodchuck Cider (Pear, Granny Smith, Dark and Dry, or Amber) (Vermont) $3.25 Young’s Double Choc. Stout (16.9 oz) (England) $5.25

wine Menu

Pinot Evil Pinot Grigio and Pinot Evil Pinot
noir. These wines are both imported Italy and France respectively. Our two tasty house wines feature monkeys on the label. The Grigio is a simple crisp white with tropical notes. The Noir is equally light and easy to drink. Both of these wines are perfect for the patio or just as an afternoon delight. $5.00
Round Hill Chardonnay, This is from the Rutherford Wine company, a subsidiary of the largest organic grape producer in the USA. Grown throughout California and produced in Napa, this is a fantastic wine for the money $6.00
Paringa Shiraz, From South eastern Australia this wine is big, jammy and easy to drink. Imported by the grateful palate wine company, this is sustainably farmed and truly delicious. $6.00

Stay tuned for more wines coming soon...

Wheelchair ramp is finally done...Yippee

After about a month of on and off construction, we've finally finished our wheelchair ramp on the side of the building. Inspection passed, so it is open to business! So we are now more handicap accessible. (our bathrooms were built to be ADA compliant).

Jeremy did the bulk of the work for this beast, including the framing. Greg and I did a bunch of work also. Thanks guys!

I'll post some before, during, and after pictures here shortly!

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

Hey all....

I'm behind on writing, but I'll post a few posts and then add some pix ASAP...how about that?

We finally started doing COLD BREWED coffee for our iced coffee! The way it should be done! No more espresso shots over ice for us, which both creates bitterness and melts the ice, thus watering down the final drink.

We're cold brewing using a commercial Filtron. Really simple. We grind the coffee (lots, 4-8 pounds) and add room temp water (3-6 gallons). Then wait. And wait. After 24 hours, we open the spigot, and - thanks to a double filter, out comes nice strong concentrated coffee. Very cool.

The cold brewing reduces the acidity by about 80%. The caffeine still makes it through, so you end up with a nice smooth mellow brew. Yummy. We've been using the Ethiopian Sidamo Korate for this one, and once I tried our new Nicaraguan. They both came out great..... yay! Progress!