Folgers link

Hey, this little commercial is just too funny. Warning, it is stupid, but I thought I'd toss it here because it is coffee-related. I'll try to avoid stupid stuff here in general... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQI2KlAurOg

(Someone linked to it on the Roaster's Guild Forum). More pix later today if possible. Yesterday was a busy day....



Fourth of July and beyond

Me, slaving away as usual... Abby, also slave labor. Thanks abs!!! She helped me a lot, on her vacation. So awesome. ........Working hard (and watching my cubbies lose as usual). But hey, Da Bulls will soon be mighty once again. Wes and I shot hoops in the driveway the last couple days. My hoop will lower to nine feet or so, so we can pretend we're mighty and dunk. But i prefer it at the standard ten feet, so I can really display my skills (outside shooting).

Working on getting my current house on the market, so I can move into my coffee shop (well, it is all happening). Moving always sucks.

Erica and Leone and I are up to Chicago next week for some Barista class at Intelligentsia. That should be fun.

I'm going to roast up some more Panama Carmen tomorrow (just 2-3 pounds) to experiment with the roasting profile. I'm not sure how much time this wants at lower temps yet, and also not sure how long to go with it.


Abby (visiting from S. Cal) removing trim.. My favorite Lion's creation of the day. I think it
is a multipurpose hospital and fire station.

Shannon, back from Guatemala. No coffee in hand, but i'm sure next year will be different.