Open mic nights at Rays...and coffee of course

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to announce two new open mic nights (one for kids!) starting in a week...also, we're currently serving some nice Sidamo dry processed coffee that is very tasty. Fruity berry flavor along with chocolate. I have one brewing right now, and another - from a different lot - that we'll fire up when this one runs out. Also, a Sumatra Lintong Triple Pick batch that is ready to roll... For dark roasts, we have a Malawi Mapanga curently.

Here's the scoop on open mic:

BOTH OPEN MIC nights start at 6 pm...and run til' we're done!

"Conscious Creation from Chaos! The Carnival is a continual birth of images, sounds, things to egg on the ear drum, tickle the tastebud, fascinate the feelers and perplex the peepers. Most of all, it is the uttering of understandings." "

The Carnival is currently celebrating:in Louisville, Kentucky.Ray's Monkey House (Coffee Shop) 1578 Bardstown Road

Thursdays: Adults Open Heart Purgery: (starting January 3, 2008)
Every Thursday: an accoustic open stage for adults to share their talent and open heart with us, whether with music, storytelling, jokes, poetry, or just unloading some thoughts, take the spotlight and open your heart to us. Make it fun!

Fridays: The Kiddie Carnival: (starting December 28)
Every Friday: A chance for kids to shine like they're born to do. This accoustic open stage for kids gives kids a chance to get up and express themselves (music, jokes, stories,show, share their week, and tell of a favorite item, what can you offer as a gift to us?), experience an open jam atmosphere, get to know others, and be commended and praised for being themselves. There's also performances by special guests for the kids.

More on the Conscious Carnival:
"Marvel at the Mystery of You! Behold the Beauty of BE-ing! DEFY your Fears and Revel in the Free Gift of Life! As we all walk our journeys, we are experiencing and learning about ourselves. We create to share what we have learned. We are processing what we experience so that we may try to gain understanding. What better way to process than to come together and share our understandings with each other? We might be surprised that we are not alone, and that there are others willing to accept and support us. "