Camp Casey III, Crawford Texas...

Hi all,

I'm here at the Peace House, where there is AC and wifi. Day 3 for me in Crawford. For photos of the first couple days, you can check out my other blog at www.campcaseyIII.blogspot.com
(also the third link on the left). Hot hot hot (the bank clock in Killeen where we did an action outside Ft. Hood - well received by the soldiers - said 108 degrees. I gave Cindy Sheehan a pound of my special "Camp Casey Coffee" (some of my Sumatra Lintong Triple Pick) this morning. Here's a pic of my hand drawn labels:



Way too many pix of the kids in California

Here is a link to a bunch of "family" pictures from my California whirlwind adventure. Leone loved the ocean, and thought his cousin Jonah was "nice." http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/nimbuscouzin/album?.dir=/86dfre2&.src=ph&.tok=ph4NTWFBBlfIcCyl

should work...