Leone makes the local paper

After crashing the Sierra Club picnic last week, Leone made it into the paper:

Leone Couzin, 3, climbed on the fountain.


Johnny Cash

OK....Johnny Cash is one of my all time favorites. I just got his latest release (yeah he's dead, I know...THANKS Rick Rubin), and it is amazing. I hear it was the number one album last week. Pretty cool. Highly recommended. Sorry, no pix today. Teaching in the AM, then moving in the PM (thanks Shannon for all the help!!!!). The Johnny album really made my day.

P.S. In the middle of lecture this morning, one of my students just said "You're a really good physics teacher." I said thanks. But it took awhile to sink in. That kind of stuff makes a teacher happy. I know that I know the material well, and I have experience, and I try to teach well, but you never know when you're doing a good job. So it is cool to have a student say that, especially in the middle of a class. I think we were doing basic electric interactions at the time. So I really had a lot of wonderful things happen today. That student (she would have made my day, if not for other stuff later), then quality time with Shannon doing moving stuff, then the Johnny Cash CD. Heck, the Cubbies even won (Zambrano is 11-3 now, and he even hit a HR).....the stars must have been aligned properly today (you know I don't believe that stuff).



Well, after a day of moving, and a weekend with Leone, we decided to slack today and play some hoops. After a 7-2 lead, I lost by a final score of 14-11. Wes got lucky! Of course it was a Monday, so I had to get Leone to school and drive to U of L by nine AM. Not good for a late night person. But afternoon hoops always helps. I think it was under 90 degrees today, but it felt WARM.

Leone and I roasted up a couple pounds of Sumatra Lintong Triple Pick, and a couple more pounds of Panama Carmen yesterday. I'm letting them both rest two days, because I've gotta finish off my Intelli Black Cat (roasted 7/11 by them). I like when roasters date their coffee! I've been brewing coffee with the Technivorm, my Gaggia is off to the new place...
Wes, proving that he is still able to leave the ground when he takes a jumper...
Playground art. I have to give Wes credit for this shot...
I'm not sure if this was a fade-away jumper, but it sure looks like it...but the hand seems wrong. I might have been taking it in to the basket and tried something funny.
Me, getting ready to take it to the hoop.
That looks like a little better form for my shooting....they usually go in when I shoot 'em right,
This was Leone sipping some of daddy's coffee at a Del McCoury band live show at Ear Xtacy, a cool local record store a couple (three?) weeks ago.
Another shot from the bluegrass show. Leone had fun, but got antsy after the start was delayed half an hour by sound problems. We were front row (camped out on the floor).