Robusta is in the house! Now through Saturday approx.

Yes, most specialty coffees are from the arabica coffee strain. The Robusta strains have higher caffeine (significantly higher), produce more crema (nice for espresso blends), but are often lower quality (boo hoo).

This is a good one! Try it out if you come by soon. Only 15 pounds total available, so do or die.

It is Blupet Estate AA Sitara Robusta from India! From the karnataka Indian Plantation. . Thanks Greg (from GCBC) for distributing this one...

Cheers you coffee geeks!


Here is some background on this coffee:

Karnataka Plantation Coffees is the premier importer of Indian coffee for the US (IMO). They have given beans their own grading system based on size and quality, and Ujwala (the beautiful owner of the business) is very well-connected over in India. These robustas are high-grown and washed, and treated like arabica throughout the process resulting in a very clean product. Their Sitara (Bright Star) AA grade robustas made a big splash this year, getting notice for their unprecedented quality and potential as a SO coffee. I have tried the Sethamuran Estate regular and peaberry, which are both very palatable as straight robusta. As a SO espresso, this bean won a barista competition, and if you can handle going into warp drive (2.5 to 4x the amount of caffeine as arabica) it is quite tasty. From the Karnataka website:
Sitara - (bright star) - is the crème-de la crème of the Robusta harvest far surpassing the Kaapi Royale. Connoisseurs in the Italian & American market have much admired the individuality of this washed blue-green coffee with bold beans & minimal defects.