More kiddo pics


Kentucky_Phil said...

Dear Nimbus Couzin ... I saw in today's C-J your announced intention to run for Louisville Metro mayor. One of my first reactions (cautious person that I am) was to ask Jackie Green to tell me something about you. Jackie cordially replied with "Nimbus thinks & communicates at a level I find confusing. He is a physicist - may explain. Good guy." I'd like to learn more. I participate in the steering group of Louisville Sustainability Forum and spend other discretionary time in concerns of the Green Party USA. If you want references, Jackie would give you honest comment. Regards, Phil Ardery Jr. / workday phone (502) 456.2802 . Although my google account maps to a business email address I use as a contract computer support person, I prefer email communications at and from my ISP provider -- that's ard@thepoint.net.

Marianne said...

Did you teach "The Physics of Sound" at Indianan University Southeast?

If so I would like to ask you a couple of questions.

Thank you,
Marianne Zickuhr