More New Food Options at Ray's!!!


We've now added more hot food options at Ray's!

We're now serving hot Grilled Cheese and Avocado sandwiches at Rays! With tomatoes. Yummy. We can do straight grilled cheese as well. Our veggie soup has been going really really well, so we're just trying to figure out what will be next to add.

I'm really thinking about a good tofu scramble on the menu. I think it might actually happen!


Michelle said...

I hope you do add a tofu scramble, I think it will be a great addition.

B and I came by on Friday to have soup for lunch but the employee said you didn't have any(?). He wasn't really clear why. Is soup an every day thing? Are there specific hours of availability?

nimbus said...

Soup IS available everyday, morning until night. But we have gotten slammed a few times lately, and have run out of some food items. We'll try hard to keep everything available all of the time. (we're still learning what to expect in terms of demand - we will keep everything fresh, so it is a balancing act while we grow)..

Thanks so much!