Blog from Gaza

At Ray's we support Peace and Social Justice. For all.

One of our own Louisville Peace activists in on the Gaza border and blogging


Ray's strongly condemns Israeli military action in Gaza and we demand an immediate unconditional ceasefire from both sides, as well as an opening of borders.

We urge you to call your elected representatives (yarmuth, mcconnell, bunning, etc) and voice your outrage. They have all stated their support for Israel's right to defend itself, but the disproportionate slaughter of civilians cannot be called defense. It is better described as state sponsored terror by Israel with US weapons.

Also, write to Obama, and urge him to speak out immediately and to act decisively against these types of actions, that are pretending to be a "war on terror." This terrorism upon the people of Gaza differs little from Bush. A war on terror can be used to justify a variety of atrocities, please let Obama know that we do not approve of continuing the "war on terror," and do not approve of his silence over the Gaza situation. Encourage him to take decisive action, rather than simply more of the coddling of Israel that we have seen. Perhaps cutting off funding to Israel would make a difference. Of course it would! Whether the diplomacy is behind the doors or not, Obama needs to be told the views of his constituants. Us. (as in, we, the people)

We'll be celebrating the end of the Bush era, and the start of Obama's hard work Tuesday all day at Ray's!! Big screen coverage of the inauguration, drink specials, etc....Party!!!


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