Green Convene and Congressman Yarmuth

Ray's provided coffee for the Green Convene this weekend - it went well....there was a reception last night, and the event today. After lugging up another big tub of coffee at eight something in the morning, I saw my local Congressman, John Yarmuth. He wasn't busy, so we chatted for about fifteen minutes. I felt a little guilty grilling him so much. He didn't have to be here at an eco-friendly conference, and he was heading off to a Town Hall meeting, so I tried not to be too tough on him.
Here's what I wrote to my peeps describing the meeting with Yarmuth:
"I was lugging big five gallon containers up to the Green Convene, a local "eco" conference that we are helping with, and pretty much first in line for coffee is our local rep. I called him Mayor Abramson by mistake. (they do actually look alike). He laughed and said the mayor is about a foot taller. But I got to talk to him for about fifteen minutes mostly one on one. Deanna, an employee of mine, was there too. I grilled him on Gaza (he initially said Israel had no choice, but I pushed him, and he said they had to do "something." I got him to use the word disproportionate, and he said maybe they should have gone after the tunnels to Egypt) and Israeli Palestinian peace processes (he admitted that he doesn't know what will work) and Afghanistan (he doesn't think adding troops will work, and that it is a mistake). And his upcoming priorities (he said after the economic stimulus plan it is Single payer healthcare - he's a co-sponsor of the Bill). we'll see if this photobucket link works: http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h309/nimbusbeer/yarmuth%20feb%2009/nimbuswithyarmuth2.jpg "

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